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Tortoise Habitat & Garden

Desert Tortoise

In the Fall 2021 and in celebration of Estes Elementary’s 20th anniversary, Estes Elementary will be welcoming several female desert tortoises to the Estes family. A large habitat is being built with funds from the generous STEMcan grant program and donations from local community members. The habitat will be located near the Kindergarten playground and G-Building, with the hopes of adding to it and creating spaces for an outdoor classroom, pollinator garden and more. Garden materials and twenty bags of sand for the Tortoise Habitat were donated by Lowe's. These outdoor spaces will give students more hands-on outdoor learning opportunities. 

The tortoise habitat is being built in conjunction with a new garden project, which is already taking shape and growing into an amazing community-based project. On Veterans Day 2020, Victory Church's Marana Campus volunteers joined Estes Elementary staff in getting the community garden up and running.

Estes Elementary is thankful to have the support of such wonderful community partners as Victory Church, Lowes and local community members. The garden looks amazing, and the efforts of these volunteers will help to provide Estes students with an incredible outdoor learning opportunity for years to come!

Community members can support our desert tortoise habitat, garden or future outdoor classroom space through donations to the Arizona Tax Credit for Caring Program. Thank you so much for your support!

Volunteer workers in Tortoise Garden
Volunteer workers in Tortoise Garden
Construction of Tortoise Garden
Volunteer workers in Tortoise Garden
Plans of Garden when completed