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EE Front Entrance

Estes Elementary is a school within the Marana Unified School District (MUSD). Our administrative team is comprised of staff members who interact and care for your student each day - whether touching base on classwork, ensuring they are to class on time, or having necessary resources in place to support optimal learning. 

About MUSD Administration 

The District is overseen by five members of the District’s Governing Board, elected by voters of Marana to represent the community and have oversight of K-12 public education. 

MUSD’s senior leadership team is comprised of the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendents overseeing Operation, HR, and Educational Services, Chief Financial Officer, and Executive Director of State and Federal Programs. Within the District, we have 18 schools with capable leadership teams at each campus, including a Principal, Assistant Principal(s), and numerous support staff. 

As a district, we provide a variety of programs and services to support students and families throughout their academic journey.