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Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee Winners

Estes Elementary students annually participate in the school Spelling Bee.  

Students are welcome to start preparing for their classroom Spelling Bee (which will be held in early November) using the Complete List of School Spelling Bee Words published by Scripps. The list is broken down by grade level, though students who are interested in competing should be familiar with all of the words on the list, not just the words from their grade level.

Students who finish as Estes's Spelling Bee top 3 will receive a second list to study prior to the Marana Unified School District Spelling Bee, which will be held in January each year.

Want to know what you can do at home to help your child prepare? Check out these great tips from Scripps National Spelling Bee:

  1. For inspiration, watch the documentary Spellbound on family movie night.
  2. Keep a "great words" journal for every new and interesting word that you find.
  3. Designate a spelling wall in your home. Post new words to the wall each day.
  4. For family game night, conduct an impromptu themed spelling bee. Use a newspaper for a current events bee or a cookbook for a cuisine bee.
  5. Do like Akeelah did. Spell and jump rope (or watch the movie Akeelah and the Bee!)
  6. Ask friends and neighbors to challenge you with great spelling words.
  7. Find a good luck charm—perhaps shoelaces with a bumblebee design or a special coin.
  8. Read great books. You'll be entertained while you effortlessly improve your spelling and increase your vocabulary.
  9. Scour the dictionary in search of words to stump your parents and teachers.
  10. Study your spelling words nightly!
  11. To get all you can out of your spelling bee journey, have a parent sign you up for Word Club or a Word Club Season Pass.